Aquarius (21 January - 19 February) TIME TO REALIZE YOUR DREAMS! In the first 5 months of 2022, you will have luck in monetary matters. You will have great luck and opportunities in financial matters. Buying a house, owning property, saving or spending money may seem more tempting than ever this year. You can be helpful, creative and intuitive in financial matters. You can make great gains and advances in the pharmaceutical and health sector, petroleum, chemistry, cinema, art, film, sales, creative fields that require imagination. Stay away from risky ventures in April. Be realistic about your work and financial initiatives. You will encounter various chances and opportunities in the fields of advertising, sales, marketing, education, learning, writing, networking and informatics until the autumn term, on and after May 11th. Broadcasting and media-related  issues can spice up your life. Those who have a job in the press and journalism will be involved in an active, passion